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Adventures With Liyah presents: Colors At First Sight

The main character Liyah is very curious, eager to learn, and loves taking adventures. This adventure explores colors we see everyday and noticing how colors are tied to so much. This helps her learn her colors as well explore things around, and realize what she enjoys and dislikes. Along the way some things are sour, and quickly causes her to make a bad face, but it is not just one thing she encounters she discovers she doesn’t like. What color do you think is associated with Liyah's sour face she experiences?


Love On Thin Ice 

A jaw dropping love story that leads to unexpected betrayal and love used as a weapon. As the paths of Nova Emerson and Keiontay Clark continue to cross, Nova thought that fate was showing its hand in her life and she had finally encountered her one true love.But as Nova drops the guard of her heart, she starts to question her decision to be in a relationship with so many red flags. The urge to have to look over her shoulder starts to become second nature. Someone has made Nova their target, and this obsession is jeopardizing her success and life. Pushed past her limits, Nova is stuck in the crossfire of love and hate.

Is Keiontay really her forever — or will his past and decisions become her achilles heel?