Love On Thin Ice 3- Healing

  • Love On Thin Ice 3- Healing

They say that time heals all wounds, but for the dynamic couple Keiontay and Nova, the flames of the love between them have fanned out.

Nova’s battle of standing her ground has her embracing the role of a single mother while trying to heal from a failed relationship, and conflicted with still believing that love for her is not dead.

With the feeling of rejection that cut as deep as a sword, the question for Keiontay becomes if he can maneuver out of his own way to get back the love he holds dear.

But the wrath of rejection doesn’t stop there as Tarven thinks he finally has the woman he has always fought for, and Ginger refuses to let go of her heart’s desire. Her take no attitude in this trilogy reveals much anticipated consequences.

And Omar works through some child hood trauma that leads to experience love that he has always craved.

In the fight for love, healing, and a healthy relationship…..who will finally get their happy ending?