It’s Time To Unpack

It’s Time To Unpack

If you were to stand in the mirror and see the healed version of yourself, what are you willing to let go of to get to that healed reflection you desire?

“It’s Time To Unpack” is a self healing journal that was inspired by the “Love On Thin Ice” trilogy. The characters of the trilogy went through a lot of pain and trauma, but it was not until they reflected on their traumas that was it was realized how their past and hurts were interfering with their present.

This journal was designed to help those impacted by trauma and hurt to to start their healing journey. The pages are filled with prompts to encourage reflection and release, inspirational messages, affirmations, and more.

It’s not about how others see us, but first how we see ourselves. Healing starts with you and this journal is the beginning to a better you.